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      The application of drilling waste management system
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               Puyang sinopec group co., LTD sets drilling machinery, drilling waste management system, the solids control equipment and pressure vessel design, production, manufacturing as one of professional companies

               In the past decades, drilling oil and gas industry to take various measures to try to produce the waste to a minimum, in order to better protect the environment and public safety. Drilling operations using environmentally friendly level 3 waste treatment method to deal with the drilling waste: in the first stage, the operators to adjust the drilling process, or replacement of appropriate drilling fluid, the drilling process of waste to a minimum. This is for the operators to reduce disposal cost, and more environmentally friendly. The second stage, will have dropped to the lowest limit of drilling waste recycling as much as possible. The third level, through legal way can't drilling waste recycling.

               Offshore drilling waste treatment is limited to emissions, reinjection, or back to shore. Contrast, land operators when dealing with drilling sewage has a larger range of options. Normally will be treated as onshore drilling waste on-site; In offshore platforms, most of the water base mud and cuttings and synthetic base fluid mud into the sea; Some onshore drilling waste transported to outside wellsite commercial waste treatment; And offshore oil mud and cuttings must be brought back to shore handling or on the wellsite reinjection into the ground.

               In the 1990 s, the drilling fluid specializing in the production of the company introduced a variety of new type of liquid water base
      drilling fluid. These base including c olefin, esters, aliphatic alpha olefin, poly alpha olefins and straight-chain paraffin wax. Synthetic base fluid mud drilling properties of oil-base mud, but not containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, and has low toxicity, faster biodegradation ability and lower biological accumulating. Synthetic base fluid mud drilling cuttings are not as oil-based mud on the seabed bring great impact on the environment. Compared with water base mud, synthetic base fluid mud hole cleaner, more stable, creates less amount of drilling cuttings. Synthetic base fluid mud can recycling, and usually the water-based mud drilling cuttings directly into the sea.

      In conditions allow, as far as possible will used oil-based mud and water base mud recycling, can reduce drilling waste emissions in the largest extent. Most of the disposal cuttings, part of drilling cuttings after dealing with the hydrocarbon as cover for dirt backfill.
      Conventional onshore drilling waste treatment method is to extract the liquid part of mud pools, and then the rest of the solid matter buried or scattered to the well site. Another approach is to mud drilling cuttings reinjection formation. By drilling reinjection of annular space, or return to a dedicated injection Wells.

               Compared with onshore processing, offshore drilling sewage processing cost is higher. Some of the oil and gas field as oilfield waste specifies the special landfill; In other areas, and the operators can meet discharge standards of drilling waste out of the city or to the industrial waste landfill site. There are several kinds of drilling fluid reinjection underground methods: including above will discharge fluid into formation fracture formation fracture pressure, or for less than the formation fracture pressure to discharge liquid reinjection formation natural fracture and salt.

               Future drilling waste management method mainly depends on the change of the relevant national regulations. Determine the drilling sewage treatment of the second factor is cost. If an operating company, or service company developed a can reduce processing costs and to protect the environment of the new drilling sewage processing method, so the operators will adopt a new way to manage the drilling waste. The third influence factor is the oil and gas operators legal responsibilities and obligations. Although the operators according to the current law in legal way to deal with the drilling waste, they could face the change of laws and regulations in the future. So the operators should take positive measures to make the drilling waste processing is in line with the future more stringent regulations.
      At present, the drilling companies are studying new applicable to different formation conditions of drilling fluid. New drilling fluid with appropriate drilling properties not only, and inhibited the growth of the vegetation of containing harmful additives content is lower. With the new, more environmentally friendly additives instead of an important component in drilling fluid, such as using ilmenite powder instead of barite powder as mud weighting agent, can reduce the impact on the environment.

               The drilling cost of heat treatment on the high side, and is not suitable for offshore platform. In the future could improve drilling fluid drilling waste heat recovery technology, reduce processing costs, improve organic alkali recovery. New processing method will improve the safe and effective, is applicable to the drilling platform.

               Oil and gas industry has made great progress in the field of environmental protection, there are a variety of methods, the operators may according to relevant laws and regulations, cost and environmental requirements to choose the most appropriate drilling sewage processing method. New methods of drilling waste management is under research, in order to meet the higher requirements of environmental protection in the future.

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