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      Camps, container house
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               Activity barracks also called container, container trailer is an essential part of the field construction team life, accommodation facilities. It is widely used in petroleum, drilling, drilling, geology, border trade, urban migrant workers housing construction, highway bridge construction, etc. With moving fast, easy installation, rain, snow, sand, antifreeze, heat, shock, heat preservation, convenient transportation and so on characteristics.

      Product features:

              1, outside is made of high quality corrugated steel plate compound masked, strong, seal, barracks, has a good rain and snow, sand prevention performance.

              2, thermal insulation layer with excellent performance of EPS thermal insulation materials, used with air conditioner, heat preservation in winter, the summer heat.

              3, according to the principle of ergonomics design interior space is enough.

              4, indoor color palettes.

              5, circuit design USES safe circuit, set the overload protection and leakage protection and earthing line fully ensure occupant safety.

              6, accommodation room indoor facilities, configuration elegant writing desk, chair, wardrobe and simmons bed, etc. (can according to customer demand production of various grades and specifications of the container room and facilities selection)

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