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      Screen mesh
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           Steel six square hole mesh screen is the latest generation separator, due to its precision manufacturing and assembly, the back plate adopts pensu processing, make its corrosion resistance increased significantly. Compared with the other screen, its high screening efficiency, long service life, low operating cost.

           Steel six square hole mesh unique characteristics: unique six-party Kong Chengli grid, solve the main problems in the process of screening: uneven tension, screen mesh of scratching by and pollution. It is easy to spot, thus further prolong the service life of the screen.

           Six square hole mesh screen not only can be with my company production of double excitation double drilling fluid shale shaker, also can be matched with BRANDT vibrating screen. Its main characteristic is; Due to the mesh plate with six square hole as liner board, in to ensure that the lining strength at the same time, the filtering area, the largest mud filtration efficiency highest; Using laminated (2-3) layer of wire mesh in pre tensioning glue. Because each layer mesh screen in front of the adhesive were different pre-tightening force, so its force uniform, tensioning moderation, effectively prevent the phenomenon of the clay sand plug mesh; Square tube steel frame that the overall stiffness of screen mesh, increases the life span two to three times, screen mesh of 1000 hours.

      Specifications: 1150 * 680 1250 * 630 (was) (was)

      Sieve mesh number: (80-230)

      The service life of the screen: 800-1200 hours

      Screen mesh structure: 2-3 layers, the lower support for 20-40 mesh screen, the upper is 80-230 mesh fine mesh screen

      Note: this product can according to user requirements, processing a variety of different specifications.

      Execution standard: Q/ZYO124-90

      Ordinary mesh
           Professional manufacturer for vibrating screen mesh, my company has 20 more than ten years production history, production of mesh is mainly used in drilling engineering drilling fluid in the harmful solid phase. Products are exported to all over the country large fields and Sudan, kazakhstan and other drilling companies abroad. Its main characteristic is: screen big rigidity, mud filtration effect is good, silk screen under the conditions of pre tensioning glue. Because the screen before the adhesive is different pre-tightening force, so its force uniform, tensioning moderation, effectively prevent the phenomenon of sand plug mesh, mesh obviously increase the service life.
      The main specification: 1000 * 920 (20-120 mesh 120 * 1000 * (20-150)
      1220 * 1150 * (20-180) (can be customized according to user requirements processing).

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