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      Gas liquid separation for ignition device
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                 Liquid gas separation for ignition device is my company design and manufacture of the emptying of combustible gas drilling electronic ignition device, the device with mud gas separator, is now widely used in oil drilling engineering. The device is mainly composed of DN200 (or 6) gas burner (torch), GDH - type 2 electronic igniter, firing equipment (gas tank, hose, etc.), mud gas separator (matching) when used in drilling engineering, etc. Use it to vent flammable harmful gas ignited burn in order to eliminate its harm to environment and safety, is a safe, environmental protection equipment.

      The main technical parameters

      型      號















       Automatic electronic ignition device
      An overview,
      YPD - 20/3 series liquid gas separation for ignition device is put spray torch the company exclusive production of environmental protection, suitable for all kinds of people of distance and place air and toxic gas combustion ignition, especially suitable for oil (gas) station gathering pipeline in gas or oil, natural gas, the drilling process the overflow, and kill my homework when the separated by the liquid gas separator gas implement remote ignition, eliminates artificial unsafe factors of ignition. Avoid weather could produce explosion when mixed with air and gas containing H2S and equipment of the harm to human body.
      Second, the type of component and the representative significance
      YPD - 20/3
      Height, 3 m;
      Nominal diameter, 200 mm;
      Ignition form (D: electronic ignition)
      Function of liquid-gas separation is used (Y)
      Three, characteristics
      Accumulated years of design, construction, use and maintenance of gas choke the torch of rich experience, we provide the user with YPD spray torch device - 20/3, has the following characteristics;
      1, design, manufacturing and after-sales service of a complete set of service mode, the maximum extent, in the interests of users.
      2, wind cap and the discharge gap is made of stainless steel manufacturing, can meet the requirements of long combustion, durable.
      3, choke the torch is installed on the ground, of a complete set of safety performance improvement, also provides a convenient installation and maintenance workers.
      Four, use environment (electrical)
      1, temperature, and 40 degrees - 40 degrees
      2, relative humidity: 35% - 35%
      Five, the main configuration
      1, put the torch
      2, firing tube
      3, wind cap
      4, electrical control box
      1, 20/3 YPD - series gas liquid separation for ignition discharge and install schematic diagram to see the appended drawings.
      Electronic ignition (control) (hereinafter referred to as the igniter) should be placed to avoid sharp and wind
      Sand, it is strictly prohibited to the horse. Igniter and ignition device with equipped with cable connected and then high pressure
      Including ignition wire end tighten to put it on. When installing the burner must choose empty does not cause fire. Burner base and basic fixation, supplemented by guy when necessary. Electronic igniter to put in place of good environment, to protect electronic circuit components are not affected by dust, damp.
      Six, ignition
      A. the preparation before ignition
      1, good control box and cable, cable tray and the torch ignition rod attachment;
      2, good liquefied gas bottles of liquid gas pipe connection with the torch.
      B. the operation of the ignition operation
      1, open the electric control box on the front panel control power switch, the red light is lit, the ignition device into the ready state ignition;
      2, open the auxiliary air gate valve;
      3 electric control box, press the "fire" button on the panel, the torch was lit to loosen the ignition button.
      4, close the control power supply switch, electric control box to stop working, ChangMingHuo continue to burn.
      Seven, ignition device maintenance
      1, check the battery voltage and keep more than 12 v, dc voltage meter display should be timely charging voltage is lower than 12 v (control intelligent charger is installed in the cabinet, can charge for a long time).
      2, keep the discharge gap distance is 6 ~ 8 mm, if there is any change, should be timely adjustment;
      3, the ignition device is not used for a long time, the control power supply switch should be closed.
      Eight, main technical parameters
      The burner (torch) size: DN200mm
      Burner height: 3 m
      Electronic ignition power supply: dc
      Electronic ignition ignition voltage: 16 kv
      Electronic igniter ignition frequency: 100 ~ 1000 times/min
      Ambient temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ 55 ℃
      Nine, use the matters needing attention
      (1) the device can only be used with liquid gas separator, it is strictly prohibited to directly spray for ignition.
      (2) using the ignition device, please carefully read the instructions and battery, charger, etc
      Enclosed specification.
      (3) it is strictly prohibited in the case of ignition wire short circuit open ignition switch.
      (4) completed with all switches must be closed, and the electrical closed and locked the door. Pay attention to
      Protect the solenoid valve, if necessary, use plastic package.
      (5) burner in transport, disassembly, installation process to prevent damage to electrical equipment.
      (6) battery inversion is forbidden, so move ignition device, must first'll take out the battery and case
      Battery packing and shipping together.
      (7) should always keep sufficient electricity, battery voltage is lower than 11 v or don't use shall charge a month.
      Liquefied gas bottle (8) when used, must be vertical use, is strictly prohibited inversion and horizontal. use
      After completion of the ignition, liquefied gas bottles can be removed properly kept.
      (9) non-professional maintenance personnel do not change the ignition internal structure.
      3, equipment component list







































      Pay attention to high pressure and non-professional personnel do not arbitrarily open it.

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