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                The activities of the barracks is the field of construction work force essential to life and accommodation.It is widely used in oil drilling,oil geology,border trade,road consteuction.Has moved fast,easy installation,rain,snow,sand,antifreeze,heatstroke and so on.
      1.Using high-quality corrugated steel plate welding outside the masked,solid,sealing,barracks,has a good anti-rain and snow,sand performance.
      2.Insulating layer of EPS insulation with excellent performance insulation materials,used in conjunction with the air conditioner,insulation in winter and summer heatstroke.
      3.According to ergonomic principles of design of adequate interior space.
      4.Interior color with harmony.
      5.Circuit design uses the security circuit,set the overload and leakage protection and grounding wire fully guarantee the personal safety of cooupants.
      6.Accommodation room indoor facilities,configuration,and elegant writing desk,chairs,wardrobes,and Simmons beds.Can be produced according to user requirements,preparation of various facilities.




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